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Don't miss out your chance for an amasing ride in the desert of Sahara!

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March 28th-30th 2017 - Saharan Escapade
Available by horse.


Ranch Nomade is more than just accomodation and short rides in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane. We different holiday in the Sahara, horse riding trek, on mehari or camel and foot.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any special demands; whether it is a riding trek with special needs or a fix camp in the desert for a retreat.

It will always be a pleasure for us to organize your trip to the Saharan desert in Tunisia.

Ranch Nomade is a family business.

   Owned by a Tunisian/Canadian couple, Ranch Nomade is established for years and is specialized in horse riding and camel trekking in the desert of south Tunisia

  Fathi and Miriam,  passionate workers and horse lovers, will make you live extraordinary moments in the Sahara desert

  Possibility of hosting at the ranch, all departure are from the oasis of Ksar GhilaneRiding Trek on barb/arab horses, excursion on Mehari camels and pedestrian trek.

More about Ranch Nomade and our mission »

 Who are we?

  Have a Virtual visit of Ranch Nomade, get information about us and the wonderful oasis of Ksar Ghilane, Tunisia.

» Our staff, meet with locals

» The ranch, the horses and the mehari camels

» The oasis of Ksar Ghilane

» Saharan festival of Douz and Ksar ghilane

» Français: 
Pour vos voyages à cheval, méharées et randonnées à dromadaire dans le Sahara Tunisien.

» Italiano:

Trekking a cavallo nel Sahara 

Holiday and excursions to Sahara desert:

  Our main excursions on Barb-Arab horses, Mehari dromedaries and camels.

» Horseback riding
Equestrian holiday in the desert of Sahara and Southern Tunisia

Mehari camel riding excursions in the desert of Sahara. Riding like true nomads.

»Camel Trek
Trekking with dromedaries (camel) and pedestrian excursion in the Sahara

»Custom made programs and holidays
Explain us your request, for a group or solo, with or without experience. Programs to suit your dreamed Saharan holiday.

I Love Tunisia

Equestrian stays, day trip and activities with horse and mehari camels:

  Experience the desert on horse and camel on a short excursion. Holiday in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane for daily horse ride.

»Ranch Holiday
daily rides in the oasis and accomodation in Résidence La Source

»Bivouac in the Sahara
2 days experience

»Lunch in the Sahara
1 day experience

»Horse ride in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane

»Camel and Mehari ride

Contact Ranch Nomade

  Find us to get information on Sahara trekking or to book an excursion in Southern Tunisia. 

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» E-mail us
» Locate Ranch Nomade
» Saharan Calendar; our next      departure 


What could be your unforgettable journey in Tunisia?

  • A Bivouac in thSahara, with horses»Horse trek, 
  • An excursion with dromedaries: »Camel trek,
  • A trip tailored to suit your needs: »Customized holiday?
  • A Riding trek on Mehari camels: »Meharee,
  • A hike in the sand dunes: »Pedestrian trek,
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